Have you ever wondered how would you run a restaurant business, if you plan it in the future? What would you require to operate the business and how you can improve the profit? You may have never thought about it before, but now you can test your resource management skills. The World Chef is a great resource management game. You need to keep the record of ingredients in different recipes and prepare those recipes for a large number of hungry people. In addition, you can develop a restaurant and manage it for its huge success. It is an interesting and appealing game that you can play on your smartphones. Let’s reveal more details about this game to know its features and gameplay.

It is about improving quality, not about saving time:

The first glance of the game may remind you some old cooking games. Well, it is not one of them because here you develop new recipes and add them in your restaurant menu. Your customers will never run away, if you delay their order. You need to play it leisurely and build an attractive restaurant menu for the customers. Renovate and expand the restaurant and add more tables for more customers. You will have to manage all the ingredients and resources so that you can prepare the recipes quickly. It is not a time management game and you can play it slowly. However, you can get many new customers if you serve the existing customers quickly.

How to play?

It is not quite tough to understand that your goal is building restaurants, deploying chefs, and preparing recipes for the customers. You can cook the dishes more quickly, if the basic ingredients are ready. You should keep cooking ingredients like meat, bread, potatoes, beef patties and other cheese ingredients. These ingredients are used most widely to prepare the dishes. Thus, you can save the cooking time and serve your customers quickly.

There is an in-game marketplace, where many other players sell the ingredients. You should check that marketplace constantly and search for good deals of ingredients. Your ingredient stock should never reduce. Keep purchasing the foodstuff during the gameplay so that you can stock up enough ingredients to prepare different dishes. If your restaurant will not have ingredients for cooking recipes, you can never serve the customers in a good way.

Upgrade the restaurant and its elements for a better gameplay:

The World Chef game will remind you time and again about upgrading the restaurant and other resources. You should upgrade the storage, sitting area, cooking and other elements to enjoy this game in a more professional way.

Your customers will continuously say different things. You can recognize what they are saying by checking a small box of conversation above their head, and do what they want you to do. That’s how you can serve the customers quickly and gain better points in the game. The World Chef game has high-quality graphics, impressive sounds, and a decent design that will force you to play it multiple times in a day.

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